The Association

Latvian Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons association originally was founded in 1995, not long after the collapse of USSR. The founder and first association president Prof. Andrejs Skaģers had also been part of founding “Riga-Rostock” symposium with prof. Armin Andrä and Baltic oral, maxillofacial and plastics surgeons association.
Baltic oral, maxillofacial and plastics surgeons association was founded by Baltic surgeon representatives: form Estonia – Siiri Hanstein and Edvitar Leibur, from Lithuania – Pranas Tercionas and Gintautas Sabalys, from Latvia – Andrejs Skaģers.
Our association represents oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Latvia and one of our goals is to disperse the knowledge trough out our new trainees and other doctors. We encourage our speciality progression either trough our residency program or our organised seminars and conferences.
From the year of 1995, more than 15 new surgeons have joined, trained and now actively operating trough out Latvia, while also actively publishing international studies and teaching in University hospitals.

Dr. Andrejs Skaģers

Prof. Andrejs Skaģers

Born on 3rd of August 1940 in “Smiltāji”, Madona district, Dzelzava parish in the family of farmers. Studied in Dzelzava primary school, Cesvaine high school and in Faculty of Medicine in Riga Medical Institute (1958-1964). During his studies Prof. Skaģers showed interest in surgery and accomplished the normative of surgeon’s qualification – at least 20 independent surgeries in abdominal surgery, student’s scientific works “Double sugar load in breast cancer patients” (scientific supervisor prof. V. Rozenbaha in Stradiņš Hospital) and statistics of neurotrauma in Riga 1st Hospital (scientific supervisor prof. A. Liepukalns). From 1964 till 1967 worked as a surgeon at the Hospital of the Kimpersai Mines in Aktyubinsk region, Kazakhstan. Specialized in traumatology in Alma-Ata under the supervision of prof. E. Edelsteins, where he also started scientific research about joint cartilage changes after hydrocortisone injections in rabbits (published in Works of RTOI, 1969). From 1967 till 1977 worked in Traumatology and Surgery department, Riga 2nd Hospital under the supervision of M. Dubinska, prof. V. Purmalis, prof. E. Žeidurs (head of department – Artūrs Blaus (1967-1970)). From 1970 till 1977 was the head of 6th Trauma-surgery department. Wrote PhD candidate dissertation on individual features of tibial fracture regeneration under the supervision of prof. E. Žeidurs. From 1977 till 2020 – professor in RMI/LMA/Riga Stradiņš University, head of department of Surgical dentistry/Oral and maxillofacial surgery. PhD dissertation “Circulatory-regeneration complex and its optimization options for facial-jaw lesions” in 1987 in Military Medical Academy, Saint Petersburg. The role of participant in barricades (1996), corresponding member of Latvian Academy of Sciences (1999), Order of the Three Stars (5th class), Pauls Stradiņš Prize (2006).