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Basal Cell Carcinoma. Analysis of 395 cases localized in the neck, ear and nose region

Recently published article in journal “Stomatologija”, one of our association members Asoc. Prof. Egīls Korņevs et. al. published an article related to basal cell carcinoma (BCC) research.

In this article, Asoc. Prof. E. Korņevs et. al. tried to look at multiple co-factors that may influence the development BCC-non-melanoma skin cancer. Factors such as anatomical localisation, lesion size, histopathological analysis were evaluated.

Although firm conclusions could not be drawn from this study as it was done retrospectively, the study obtained results that correspond with previous research published in science world. Study concluded, that the risk of recurrence may be higher in the nose region, with high risk histopathological findings and size above 20mm. This as well may be due to the complicated anatomy and aesthetical necessity of that region. Further conclusions and study protocol you may read on Lithuanian international journal page “Stomatologija”.

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