Dr. Julianna Muceniece

Julianna Muceniece

4. gada rezidents, mutes, sejas un žokļu ķirurģija

Dr. Julianna Muceniece is a 4th year oral and maxillofacial surgery resident at Riga Stradins University Institute of Stomatology and Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital as well as lecturer at Riga Stradins University department of oral and maxillofacial surgery. While in residency, Dr. J. Muceniece has taken initiative to obtain second degree in Dentistry apart from her existing MD.
Apart from active studies and the work in clinic, Dr. J. Muceniece is also a lecturer for Latvian Dentistry Association, member of European Association for Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, and has presented many works in international conferences. To gain even more experience in the field, active participation in training courses are done annually.
Dr. J. Muceniece provides care for acute care patients as well as elective surgeries. She has extended experience in treating salivary diseases using the newest sialoendoscopy technologies, oncological patient diagnostics and treatment, aesthetical surgeries in the head and neck region as well as treating oral pathologies.
Currently Dr. J. Muceniece is on parental leave.

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